Kontrol Freek
Quality accessories carefully engineered to improve gaming performance
KontrolFreek makes performance gaming gear for Xbox and Playstation controllers. PUSH conceived the product, developed the designs and branding, and helped launch the online retail of the first 2 products - FPS Freek and SpeedFreek. 

FPS Freek increases accuracy in first-person shooter games like Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. Tested by professional gamers across the country, the added analog stick length provides more leverage and increased precision without disturbing natural gaming feel.

SpeedFreek gives gamers added control and comfort when playing racing games. The unique design allows gamers to relax their thumbs while keeping constant contact with the controller surface. SpeedFreek was used to win the Nissan FORZA Motorsport Challenge, a national competition that started with a field of over 40,000 players.